Thursday, February 9, 2012

Each day we are given the oportunity to start over

Each morning when we roll out of bed we are given the world. We can make that day into anything we want just by starting the day right. I must admit, most mornings I hit snooze 10 times, each time dreading more the next time it goes off. The second that alarm goes off I flood my head with negative thoughts; 'ugg its another work day', 'I wonder what fires I will have to put out today', 'I can't wait until today is over', 'why did he break up with me?'. I'll give you one guess how my days turn out! I am a self-fulfilling prophecy. My days are slow, filled with turmoil and work problems, and I am sad and lonely. So today I tried something new! My alarm when off and I smiled. Not because I wanted to but because I needed to. I kissed my dog good morning and she bounced happily out of bed. Down the stairs we went and made some tea and scrubbed the kitchen clean. I drove to work listening to happy music, I greeted everyone with a smile, I sent out 'Good Morning!' texts. I greeted my work crew and checked in with them and I made another cup of tea. Then I opened my reader and found just what I needed to read on Elephant Journal :

Dear Heartbroken Person:

Stay strong and take care of yourself. Love yourself and know your worth. Feel the moment even if it makes you cry, you need to. Accept help but don’t feel sorry for yourself. Know your limits so you can set clear boundaries. Be sure to get some sleep and eat well. Exercise and seek out friends. Be extra kind to yourself taking measures not judge yourself for mistakes. Don’t ever beg you’re worth more than that. Try not to give more than you can handle. Remain open to love it hasn’t abandoned you. Stay in the present, the future is in front of you not in your head. Know who your friends are and keep them close. Mourn fully and without apology take it one day at a time. Breathe breathe breathe. Find comfort in the small things and accept generosity.

Ask for help, you are not alone. Don’t over do it. Watch funny movies. Don’t seek comfort in the past because you will not find it there. Expect miracles, they only happen if you believe in them. Reach out to help others when you are sure you have helped yourself. Don’t blame yourself. Be honest with yourself and know that these things take time. Be clear when thinking about what you want for yourself but don’t decide too quickly. Meditate everyday and practice gratitude, this life is beautiful. You will get through this believe me, I believe in you.

With love,


We all go through things; good and bad. Obviously, I'm having a few bad moments lately (if you hadn't noticed!) but it will get better. I look around and see other people going through far worse situations than I am but they are taking them on with a smile. My mishaps might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of life but in my life they feel like big, fair-prize winning baked potatoes! Today I'm going to start following some other people's lead- I am going to acknowledge my sad moments but I am going to smile and move on. Choose Joy! Tonight, I am having a party with my girlfriends and it is going to be a great day. Each day we are given the great opportunity to start all over again. I started fresh today and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Its called the Present because it is a GIFT!