Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can I be friends with these people?

Oh, wait, I AM!!!!

It was my friend's birthday yesterday! Birthdays are so fun :) I called her to wish her a "Happy Birthday Boo!" and while we were chatting she told me about a blog they had started. Its called, Rack Love! These two do everything on their bike, as they should since Amber works for Specialized and makes these amazing bikes! Check out some of my favorite things they have done or carried on their bikes recently:

guy in truck: "hey! are you delivering that pizza?!?!"
me: "um, to my house"
guy in truck: "sweet!! what pizza place are you from? who delivers pizza on a bike?!"
me: "well, none that i know of..."

when invited to a friend's house, a good guest never shows up empty handed. a great guest shows up with ice cream.

when you go to a quinceanera, you must bring a pinata, and you must put lots of candy in it, and everyone will be your friend.

If you need a smile today please check out Sam and Amber up to their daily antics at

Don't you want to be their friend? ;)

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