Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today is a beautiful day and a sad day all at once. It is sad because a year ago today we lost one of the pillars of our family; but beautiful because, today, we get to celebrate and remember a man that made us the family we are today. Oh, and what a truly amazing man he was. Let me introduce you to Papa!

Could he be any more handsome? Hearts had to break all over Ohio the day these two married. And they were just pups! Would you believe me if I told you 63 years later they were just as happy, no, happier than in this wedding picture? Its true and in those 63 years they made a beautiful life and started a family that keeps getting better with each year that passes. Papa left us a legacy of people and memories:

He married this stunning woman who can run after my speed demon nephew just as fast today as she could after my sister in this picture

He gave me these two kooky uncles:

How fun are Christmas' in our family?!? When these two are around bring a tissue because you will laugh so hard you can't help but cry.

Best of all he gave me this woman... hmmm how does that work? Maybe she gave me him.. she gave him me.. whatever, genes crossed and we all ended up here. The end.

How sassy and gorgeous is this lady?? I'm sure I'll get scolded for putting this up because she's holding a cigar. But HELLO! Hottie alert! And yes that other hottie is my grandma in the background. I guess those genes I was talking about crossing were GOOD genes.

Guess what? Those kooky uncles I showed you and that sassy mama... they gave my grandpa six darling grand kids. My sister was the first grandchild and she turned around and made Papa a GREAT grandpa!

He could lay on the floor for hours with this little bean on his tummy. But she didn't just do it once, she did it twice!

That newest little nemo has Papa's big blue eyes; crystal clear and the wisdom that lurks in them gives me goosebumps.

In a few days all of these people I have introduced you to are going to be spending a week together getting in trouble, telling stories, reminiscing, and remembering how blessed we are. Most of all we will be celebrating this wonderful family that Papa gave us, the love he showed us, and the wisdom he left us.

Oh, and there might be a few gin martinis passed around... because Papa also gave great advice. His nightcap of choice was a gin martini with an olive. But when ordering a gin martini in public he always ordered it with a twist because an olive 'takes up too much damn space'! :)

So today is not going to be a sad day. We are going to give each other hugs, share how much we love each other, and smile and thank Papa for the beautiful life he gave us. Because we are all truly blessed.

So Papa here's to you, we love you more each day!

Now lets go mix up the martinis and don't forget the garlic stuffed olives!



  1. REALLY great way to honor you Papa!! His spirit lives on in each of you. I am so blessed to have gotten to know him a little since your sister has merged our families.


  2. Awesome Kam! Beautifully written. You had a great subject to write about. Miss you..."big sis" Kim