Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beanie's Corner

This weekend when we returned from the bike races (post coming soon, I promise!) the Beanster set off on a mission as soon as we walked in the door. I thought he was making a bathroom stop or washing his hands... silly No-No.. he was changing his clothes, of course!! He came out with his long sleeve Polo and asked me to please button the 2 buttons "all the way to the top". He had worn this shirt before we left but we told him it was too hot to wear to the races but he could wear it later. So when we returned home I told him he certainly had a one track mind to which he replied, very sincerely, "Its because I really, reeealllllly want to be like Grangrad". Oh, melt my heart!! Needless to say I called Grangrad right away and told him he has a copycat! Melted his lil old, cowboy heart too...

Here's the completed outfit:

Cowboy hat, check!
Long sleeve cowboy shirt, check!
Cargo pants, check!
Cowboy boots, check!
And one eagle head belt buckle (from Grangrad) that must, absolutely, be worn OVER the shirt, ONLY, check!

A few minutes after this picture was taken the outfit morphed into "The Puttering Grangrad" i.e- all cargo pockets FILLED with tools and he went around the house fixing everything that was broken. No need for a paid handyman in this house!

My nephew- Jack of all trades :)

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