Monday, May 17, 2010

Beanie's Corner

Ok, so I know it is day ONE of my blog but I am adding something new already!! haha.

I have the most adorable nephew... well actually I have TWO, most adorable nephews! But one is brand new. His big brother is 3 and he is sooo creative... with his outfits! This shining example was just 2 weeks ago, the weekend of his baby brother's baptism. Lets examine, shall we?


Part cowboy with his hat, boots, and 'gun' (actually my sister's Pilates bar!)
Part Imagination Mover with his Wobble Goggles
Part athletic champion with his basketball shorts
and definitely ready for anything that might present itself while he was 'patrolling' the front yard for bad guys!!

Don't you just love boundless imaginations?

PS (photography script ;) )
This was just shot on my iPhone and I used polarize to make it look like a Polaroid ;) So I know the quality is poor and it is way blown out but it's the outfit that counts!

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