Monday, May 17, 2010


So I have started a blog... oh my. I am inspired by so many blogs I read but I could NEVER hold a candle to them. So I am not going to try to!! This is just a place that hopefully I can expand and improve my photography. I am currently taking an online photography class from Angie Seaman at

I am starting week three today. I figured I would post my weekly photos here so you and I can see the progression of my pictures :) So here we go. These are not great, that's why I'm learning! Each week we have an assignment. So the content isn't the greatest but the lessons are getting learned.

Week one.
Objectives- get in close, compose the picture using the rule of thirds
assignment 1

My comments from Angie were that it is slightly underexposed and that this would be an exception to the rule of thirds. I should have just centered the picture ;)

Week 2.
Objectives- using aperture. Take one picture with a high aperture and one with a low aperture keeping the subject the same
Assignment 2

Assignment 2

I actually got a compliment on the first photo!! but on the second she said I lost focus on the primary 'flower'

So that is where I am right now! I am having fun and I am learning things!! Hopefully some day I can take beautiful pictures of my family and my adorable nephews, that I am proud of!!

Until next class!!


  1. Loved your 1st shot! Are you truly just starting? Impressive.

  2. Kamee! This looks great! You should be very proud of yourself. Glad the photo sizing tips worked. You will become addicted to blogging! I won't regret offering to help in the least! I am not great, but can usually find the answers!