Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love cowboys.

Well at least I think I do. The cowboys in my head have good manners, love their Mammas, work hard, play harder, ride muscular horses, and wear chaps (or is it chinks?) like the fabulous Marlboro Man that belongs to Ms. Pioneer Woman. They also wear hats. Dirty, sweaty, great, cowboy hats.

But what does the hat say about the cowboy? There are so many types. Do they reflect personality?

There are straw hats
"We're just good 'ol boys"

There are felt hats
"We mean business- go round those 500 head of cattle up!"

There are different shapes

There are different colors
 "I need to get some boots. These crocks are crampin my image Grangrad"

My Dad just recently got back from his annual Rancheros Vistadores ride. He spent almost a week camping out with the 'boys', riding horses, BBQing pig heads, and causing trouble in the Solvang hills.. I told him to go find me a husband.... He came home empty handed. Maybe they were all wearing the 'wrong' kind of cowboy hat....

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